Data Connectivity

Forget all the manual creation of I cards and start designing them in few clicks. ID Card Xpress provides great data connectivity as well as great flexibility in terms of data editing. Import your excel data via excel sheet or simply add data and photos manually. Not just this, import photos and signatures of I cards in bulk and them automatically set according to the excel sheet. No manual placement is needed. Authority signatures can be assigned to all the I card. Automatically generate QR code of the content you want. Select the contents for QR code and it will be added to the QR code. Even generate of any type.

Ready Templates

Not just data importing but designing is also automated for you. You get ready templates of I cards. Use from over 1000+ ready templates for simplex, duplex, landscape and portrait. Templates are flexible and can be modified according to the requirement. Templates are available Free along with the Software; Unique templates and huge collection Décor such as backgrounds, Borders, ClipArt’s, and that all can be get used in multiple ready tones. Ready to use design helps to effectively create any type of I cards. Import option allows you to bring in your own choice of material in software. Even new templates can be created in the type and size you want. Use the inbuilt bunch of decors or import your one in short it’s a boundless instant creation.

Configure I-Card

I card creation is easy because landscape and portrait designs are provided in standard size which is available in simplex and duplex style. So save your size creation time. Software allows size creation flexibility.

Multi Lingual I-cards

Why to adjust always with I cards in English? Just because you don’t have facility to create I cards in regional languages. ID Card Xpress supports I card creation in regional languages. That’s too very easily. So create I cards in the language you want and explore more.

Advance Photo Correction

Photo correction features given in ID Card Xpress are just suitable for I card photos. Multiple photo editing features like Change Background tool to replace background of the photos with another one, etc. and also tools like chroma, lasso are given to enhance your I card creation efficiency. Zoom the photos and also crop them to make them suitable for I cards.


Export project as per your printing style. Either generate JPG files and print them or also generate a print ready package of I cards and export them in JPG or pdf. Even designs can be printed individually or after creating packages from the software only.

Beyond I-Cards

ID Card Xpress have option to create any size or any design which you required; by this you can go beyond I Cards and can create some other print things such as school certificates, Book Labels, Report cards, etc. So go beyond I Cards and generate more profit through ID Card Xpress.